The Val Show shares in depth and inspiring interviews of successful people, celebrities, leaders in business, trending TikTokers and artists – to help inspire those watching to achieve their goals and dreams.

About Valerie


Valerie is an entrepreneur and influencer from Seattle, Washington. She is dedicated to empowering and inspiring others to achieve their goals through Val Show.

Featured Guests

Ekaterina Lisina

World’s Tallest Model - Ekaterina is an Olympic bronze medalist in basketball and holds the Guinness World Record as the world's tallest model. She shares her experience in the modeling industry, OnlyFans, and bullying.

Unique Daily

TikTok Cooking Star - Unique is a popular Youtuber and TikTok star who went viral after sharing her unorthodox views on breastfeeding. She shares her story on her cooking journey, TikTok, and her experience with childloss.

Pablo Aura

Movie Director - Pablo has been in the film industry his entire life and was born into a family of actors and directors. Him and Val discuss movies, Hollywood, and the current state of the film industry.

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Documentary style interview

Exposure to over 900k across all social media channels

Article published on our blog

Opportunity for guest to promote themselves on the show

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Variety of partnership options

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Carson Elliott

Carson Elliott

Chicago based musician, Carson Elliott, has grown over 4.8 million followers on TikTok from posting covers of pop songs while playing a talk box–an effects unit that allows musicians to modify the sound of an instrument. He sat down with Val Show to talk about growing...

Pablo Aura

Pablo Aura

Pablo Aura is a Mexican American director and filmmaker best known for his feature film Influencia released in 2019. He sat down with Valerie to discuss his lifelong experience in the film industry. Aura was born into a family of actors and filmmakers. “I was almost...

JessVal Ortiz

JessVal Ortiz

Jessica Ortiz, also known as JessVal Ortiz on social media, has amassed almost 7 million TikTok followers through her comedic sketches. Ortiz recalls her first viral video on the platform, “The first time I went viral was back when making fun of Debby Ryan was a...