Unique Daily (also known as @cheesedaily) has garnered 5 million followers across her social media platforms through sharing her cooking videos with a surprise twist. “I made a sandwich one day and it did really well, so I continued to do that over and over again. I was just showing what I made for my husband and children and that’s how it happened.”

While Daily has gained millions of views on YouTube over the last 4 years, she also went viral on TikTok through storytelling what she cooks for her husband: grasshoppers finely chopped and sprinkled into his sandwich and a steak that’s tenderized from being run over with her car. 

Her videos received so much attention that even the famous chef Gordon Ramsay stitched one of Daily’s TikToks and said, “if that’s a burger, I’m going vegan!” When asked about the video, Daily said Ramsay was definitely her favorite chef and she loved how honest he was.

While her cooking videos have become so popular, Daily revealed that it actually took her a very long time to learn how to cook. “I grew up not knowing how to cook. I actually learned how to cook from my husband, which is really funny and nobody knows that he’s a chef. I didn’t even know how to make an egg!” Daily laughs. “He was so brutally honest with me. He was like ‘this is too salty, this is too mushy.’ I would just think to myself ‘what a jerk’ but he’s a chef! He’s just honest with me and that’s how I learned how to cook. It’s all because of him.”

Even though Daily’s passion for cooking developed later in life, she still holds traditional values that were passed down from her grandmother who raised her. “I enjoy that part of a relationship and serving my husband. I enjoy cooking for him and having a hot meal ready for when he gets home.” Her remarks definitely raised debates in her comments section, but Daily isn’t swayed by it in the slightest. “I feel like people get upset about it but I think that’s something you should be proud of. I’m definitely proud to spoil my husband, I don’t mind that at all.”

Daily also doesn’t let the negative comments cloud her love of creating content on the app. “Tiktok gives everyone room to have a platform. I know when I was 20 that I didn’t have the drive that I do now. Anyone can do it.”

When asked what drives her most, she explains, “Losing my daughter. She passed away, one day before my due date, with an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. I was devastated and I poured all of my heart and soul into social media. I found a room where I don’t have time to be in pain, so I put all of that into everything that I do everyday. I don’t have time to miss or cry about it or anything. She’s the reason why I don’t stop.”

Daily goes on to explain how incredibly difficult it was being in the maternity ward surrounded by screaming mothers and crying babies – all while knowing she wouldn’t be taking her daughter home with her. Since then, she’s been very open online with sharing her experience and how she got through the pain of losing her daughter. “I was always open about it because I felt that’s all I had left from her. I never minded talking about what I went through. I opened my heart and told people what had happened.”

Daily’s openness to sharing her loss seemed inspired by other YouTubers who also had the courage to share their same experience. “I remember them speaking about it and feeling comfort from it. That became my whole goal – to talk about it without breaking down. This is how terrible it was for me and you will get through it. I just want them to know there’s going to be a day where you look back and say I’m okay.”

While we will never understand why these types of tragedies occur, Daily has been committed to finding her own blessings through it all. “For a long time I didn’t feel like I was blessed, I felt like I was cursed. Even though I was moving on from it I was angry. One day I was gardening and I looked around and was like, ‘look at the world I live in, look at what God made.’ I forgave and I respected what happened and it happened for a reason. I found peace in that moment. I felt blessed that it brought me closer to my children and God and my husband.”

One might wonder how someone could continue to live their life so optimistically, but Daily explains that she finds her strength through her family. “I’m never going to be 100%, but I’m sure going to wake up in the morning for my other children. In any situation, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Life is so good.”

Watch Unique’s inspiring story and full interview here.